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Our air pumps are widely used in a variety of products such as water purifiers,
foot massagers, air mattress for bedsores, bubble baths etc… in addition to aquariums.

수족관외에 제품이 사용되는 곳
How to use
  • - It works directly from a power source.(There is no on-off switch)
  • - It can be used with an air diffuser, air stone, various filters, etc.
  • 산소펌프과정
  • - It should be installed at a higher position than the water surface to prevent backflow.
      (If you install it with a backflow preventer then the location doesn’t matter.)
  • - If you install lower than the water surface, it may cause a breakdown from backflow in the event of an interruption to the power supply .
  • - In the event of backflow or if the unit falls into the water, turn the power off immediately and allow the air pump to fully dry out before reinstallation.
  • - You can use the air pump day and night, but eventually you will have to replace it after long-term use.
      (change the air pump when the noise is increased or the amount of air is decreased.)
  • - Product life may vary depending on the external environment. (dust, moisture, water pressure,etc…)
  • - Our air pumps are for indoor use only.